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Similar to how antivirus software protects your computer from malware such as unwanted viruses, worms, adware, ransomware, and spyware, a firewall extends this type of protection over your entire network. These breaches in security are usually downloaded unintentionally due to user error. Most of these bugs and viruses are found on untrusted websites and can come attached to wallpapers, links, and application downloads. It is extremely important to have a firewall to help filter out and prevent unwanted malware intrusions on your devices.

Downloading malware can allow a hacker access to your personal information, and it has the potential to lead to identity theft or financial losses. To better protect your online assets, it is crucial to have some sort of protection in place. Typically, your device will come with a form of antivirus software already in place, but a firewall offers additional ways to protect your operating system. At Bourgtech, we offer a variety of add-on protection options to help keep your electronics as safe as possible.

Next-generation Firewalls

At BourgTech, we can install any brand or type of firewall though we recommend using SonicWall next-generation firewalls. Our technicians are equipped and prepared to install for you because they function as a combination between packet filtering firewalls and stateful inspection firewalls.

Packet filtering firewalls work by analyzing different “packets” (a small part of a larger message that is transferred through the network to your device) that come through your network to see if they contain any suspicious content.

On the other hand, stateful inspection firewalls operate by monitoring the TCP 3-way handshake (a three step method that is used to connect a server with a host) and track the connection from start to finish. With stateful inspection firewalls, each packet that enters the server is fully analyzed which allows for a more in-depth and thorough security system for your device as opposed to lower level firewalls.

Since next-generation firewalls act as a combination of packet filtering firewalls and stateful inspection firewalls, they offer a much more rigorous level of in-depth packet inspection that is combined with malware protection and antivirus protection. This type of firewall utilizes in-line deep packet inspection to provide you with the most secure intrusion prevention system.


Next-generation firewalls are highly secure and monitor every aspect of your operating system. It can be automatically updated to allow current and up-to-date protection. Because it combines different systems, it can also provide an optimal level of filtering.


This type of firewall is costly, and can require additional configuration from a professional. This is often because the biggest benefit with next-generation firewalls come from its integration with other security systems. This can be a complex process.

Serial Peripheral Interface

While most antivirus software includes a firewall of some sort, it is always a good idea to include additional security for your operating system. BourgTech can install a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) at the edge of your network.

SPIs work by allowing one master chip to communicate with one or more “slave” chips. SPIs can easily achieve a few Mbps (megabits-per-second), meaning SPIs can be used to transfer uncompressed audio, compressed video, and flash memory.

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If your computer is hacked, we will come to your office or home and do virus removal on your device. The services we provide include:

  • Computer, tablet and phone set up and repair
  • Virus removal and security software installation
  • Data backup, recovery, and storage upgrades
  • Program installation and set up

The BourgTech Process

Over the last several years, it has become easy to see how much we utilize electronic devices as a consistent aspect of our daily lives. It can be easy to overlook how much we rely on them, until they stop working. Running into problems with your devices can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming, so let us take the stress off of you when it comes to repairs and other I.T. services. Our technicians will come to your home or office and resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We promise to make the process as easy and enjoyable as we can.

If you’re unsure of what your issue is specifically, give us a call today so we can help you understand and resolve it.

BourgTech is here to help you solve all of your technology repair and resource needs. We work quickly and diligently, to exceed your expectations and help you get back to work as soon as possible. As your local, dedicated IT resource, we will actively work to take the hassle out of technology. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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