About Us

BourgTech is proud to provide premium computer repair and computer system support to your business. BourgTech works with customers from the initial meeting through to the final outcome. We sit down with our customers to understand what their issues and challenges are, before providing innovative information technology solutions. No matter how simple or complex, BourgTech is your reliable and efficient information technology team.

BourgTech prides itself on the friendliness of the service that is provided and this sets the business apart from other computer services. BourgTech quickly grew a reputation of being as friendly as they are professional. BourgTech has done extensive work for large customers such as Walmart, Hilton, and State Farm. The business missed working directly with local customers, therefore wants to ensure they remain community-focused and do more work at a local level.

Our Founder

Matthew Bourguignon

Matthew Bourguignon, founded BourgTech in March of 2011, working from his home in Daytona Beach, Florida. Since then, BourgTech has evolved and migrated to service the regions of Alabama and Georgia, with its central office located in Auburn, Alabama. As BourgTech has grown, it has acquired some very talented, professional technicians who service these areas and are willing to assist in any way that they can.

Our Mission Statement

BourgTech provides valuable and effective solutions to our customers' technology problems, delivered in a professional and friendly manner.

Why work with BourgTech?

We aim to ensure the service we provide and the peace of mind it results in feels worth more than the price the customer pays for it.
Our team of technicians all have extensive knowledge on IT infrastructure. You might find this with other companies, but friendliness coupled with professionalism is what really sets us apart from the rest.
Friendly Service
Our motto is “service with a smile”. Our computer technicians are the type of people that are experienced enough to fix all your computer problems, but also friendly enough that you might want to invite them to stay for dinner!